A Former U.S. Senator Gets Booted From A JetBlue Flight For Yelling


While adorning his American flag pin, former U.S. Senator Al D’Amato got escorted off of a JetBlue flight for causing a scene in the aisle.

According to the New York Post, the Florida Senator began to “speak his mind” after the passengers of his New York-bound flight had been delayed in their terminal for 7 hours.

He allegedly got very vocal when the JetBlue crew asked passengers to trade seats with people who paid for extra legroom due to weight issues.

D’Amato shouted, “We can still speak in this country.” A woman can be heard telling people to “stand up” while a flight attendant tells everyone to remain in their seats.

The 79 year old was a Republican U.S. Senator representing New York. He was defeated by Democrat Chuck Schumer in 1999.

If there’s any wondering about D’Amato’s temperament, he holds the record for the second and eighth longest filibusters ever recorded in the United States Senate. He is also remembered for his over-the-top, comical method of filibuster. In 1986, he filibustered against a military bill that lasted 23 hours.

He also utilized a poster of a dinosaur he called a “Taxasaurus Rex,” which he then proceeded to stab with an oversized pencil.

He chaired the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, and was a member of the Senate Finance Committee. When working on Banking, he was a staunch critic of the Clinton administration’s Whitewater scandal.

D’Amato was widely considered the “boss” of the state party of New York during his Senate years, playing an instrumental role in the recruiting of George Pataki and securing him the Republican nomination during the gubernatorial race of 1994.

After leaving office D’Amato became an active poker player and became chairman of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA)—a non-profit organization to protect and fight for the rights of United States poker players. He even appeared on the Howard Stern Show in 2009 to promote the organization.

D’Amato’s incident on the flight is just another in a series of passenger outbursts over the past few weeks. He just happens to be one of the most famous individuals involved, along with the Ivanka Trump incident from a couple weeks ago.

There seems to be an unwritten rule that people MUST go insane about entering an aircraft. It’s definitely a product of stress, but it still isn’t justified. If only there was a simpler way to go about it. Maybe if we were traveling in a hyper-loop. Come on Elon Musk, get on that!