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The Best TV and Movie Presidents in American History


Here’s some fake news for you… There have been dozens of U.S. Presidents who served in office in the past 20 or so years. No we’re not talking about real-life here. We’re speaking about TV and movies where a character plays the role of president, aka not a real person.

Our favorite “fake” presidents are as follows…

President Selina Meyer

julia louis-dreyfus veep

Veep has graced HBO now for six seasons, offering a bizarrely hilarious “inside look” at a presidential administration. Louis-Dreyfus plays former Senator Selina Meyer who slowly ascends to the presidency. If you haven’t yet watched it, make this a priority.

President Matthew Santos

west wing jimmy smits

The West Wing might be the best political show ever to hit network television. Towards the end of its run, U.S. Representative Matt Santos was elected to succeed then-President Josiah Bartlet.

President Frank Underwood

president house of cards

Kevin Spacey delivers from start to finish, playing the role of career politician Frank Underwood. Underwood begins the show as a member of the House of Representatives then ultimately becomes a U.S. President. If you thought you hated politics before, you’re going to really dislike it after watching this show.

President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III

scandal tv show presidents

Meet the 44th President of the United States. Sorry Obama voters, it was Mr. Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III. Played by the talented yet not-so-well-known actor Tony Goldwyn, this president makes Bill Clinton look like a choir boy. Watch it to find out how.

President Abraham Lincoln

daniel day lewis lincoln

So this president wasn’t fake, but it’s worth mentioning how incredible Daniel-Day Lewis performed in the 2012 movie Lincoln. Rumor has it, this method actor wandered the set having people address him as President Lincoln. That might sound like a little much, but it certainly paid off.

President Ulysses S. Grant

kevin kline ulysses s grant

Sorry, this is yet another one chosen out of respect for the actor. The movie Wild Wild West was a critical flop, but no because of Kevin Kline. He not only played Ulysses S. Grant, but the character Artemus Gordon.

President Camacho

terry crews us president idiocracy

Idiocracy sheds a frighteningly accurate light on where we might me headed as a culture, and President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho is leading the way.

Of course we are leaving out tons of presidential characters from years past, but for this article we wanted to keep things recent. We could have gotten in our way-back machine and selected President Peeter J. Doc Varney from the 1932 film The Phantom President or Arthur Byron from the 1934 movie The President Vanishes. But we like to keep things hip and recent.

Who are your favorite fake presidents from TV and movie history?