The Biggest Obama Failures In The Last Eight Years


It’s often hard to dictate whether a president successfully did his job until long after he’s gone. Remember how excited people were to join the war against terrorism only to become bitter at the Bush administration for starting the Iraq war? Well as President Obama rides out his last year in office, we can’t help but wonder what kind of legacy he will leave. While he’s had quite a few successes over the years including reducing unemployment rates and legalizing gay marriage, there’s also a lot left to be desired from his administration Looking at the latest Gallup poll, we’ve assessed the public’s opinion and rounded some of the biggest Obama failures in the last eight years. Take a look:

47% of Americans Disapprove of How Obama Handled Climate Change
Obama failures climate control policies
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Approve: 45%
Disapprove: 47%
No Opinion: 8%

A margin of American disapprove of how Obama has handled climate change. Critics on the right think that the administration’s proposals were way too expensive. Supporters on the left worried that Obama hasn’t done enough. With the recent Supreme Court defeat on carbon emissions delaying any action, people are not satisfied with how this issue was handled.