Conan O’Brien Invades Berlin, Gets Drunk And Dominated


The Irish cornball of late night television (that’s a compliment) has taken his show to Berlin, Germany, and it’s getting a little crazy. In typical Conan fashion, he’s indulging in everything the city has to offer. From drinking lots and lots of beer, to exploring the world of sexual domination, O’Brien has the stereotypical psycho-European culture covered.


Conan also decided to take a BMW i8 onto the Autobahn. Needless to say, it turned out totally goofy.


This visual tells the entire story. Conan freaks out at 141 miles per hour, while the pro-driver (who’s obviously named Lars) sits beside him laughing with a drink in his hand. The autobahn is famous for being the fastest highway in the world, with vehicles regularly reaching speeds in excess of 110+ mph.

As far as the dominatrix session went, Conan placed a dog face over his head and submitted to a “sex professional” named Lady Velvet Steel. The Lady is a renowned mistress in Berlin, who accepts requests from people via her website. In the case of Conan, her attitude was playful. She told him to “wag [his] tail if [he’s] excited,” which he was. Then he responded with a “Woof,” to which Velvet Steel responded, “Good dog.”

Aside from Conan fulfilling his sexual desires, he was accompanied by Pitch Perfect 2 star Flula Borg for some drinking. Borg taught him the best way to consume beer, as well as showing him how to properly chug beer. In Germany, they like to make eye contact while doing it.

Germany is famous for it’s informal beer laws. The 500-year-old Purity Law stipulated that each beverage had to contain only water, hops, yeast, and malt. Although the explosion of craft beer has rewritten these unwritten rules, Germany still attempts to maintain elements of their tradition. Many pubs offer only local brews, in addition to a German pilsener.

German beers are typically given their own kind of glass, depending on brand and style. Hefeweizens are drunk out of tall, thin glasses, whereas darker beers might come in smaller, rounder glasses.

Another Berlin delicacy involves adding flavored syrup to beer. This is more common in Poland, but you can find it at the right Berlin pub. You can order a white beer, called a Berliner Weisse, with a choice of either woodruff or raspberry-flavored syrup. That sounds way too delicious if you ask me.

Check out the epic footage from Conan’s trip on TBS, or teamcoco.com.