DISTURBING: We Look at the Worst Dressed Politicians


With all that’s going on in the world, let’s take a minute to lighten things up. Here are some of the filthiest, strangest, most bizarre fashion choices ever chosen by some of the U.S.’s most prominent political figures.

Anyone with a good head for fashion will be immediately disturbed and appalled by these unfortunate decisions.

Muammar Gaddafi

worst dressed politicians

As Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi was known for his brutal role in which he continually oppressed his own people. This photo of him wearing a bizarre, wanna-be Tommy Bahama shirt is truly social justice.

Robert Mugabe

robert mugabe worst dressed politicians

As Mugabe took the stage to accuse America of inciting violence (huh?), the people of Zimbabwe were dying of mass starvation largely thanks to his policies. The only thing that made matters worse was his choice of wardrobe.

Rosa DeLauro

worst dressed politicians

The 74-year old Congresswoman representing Connecticut has a penchant for “out there” fashion choices. From thick-rimmed hipster glasses to her satin looking hair, there’s nothing ordinary about Mrs. DeLauro.

Alan Grayson

alan grayson worst dressed politicians

Not to be confused with Duke basketball player Grayson Allen, Representative Alan Grayson is known to be a colorful character in the House. Not so much for his personality, but for his penchant of choosing to wear some of the strangest ties. He clearly frequents the clearance rack at Ross.

Jimmy McMillan III

worst dressed politicians

You guessed it, it’s the “rent is too damn high” guy. Jimmy McMillan III ran unsuccessfully for New York City Mayor, but he maintains a special place in our heart for his mutton chops and really thick neckties. This could be Kat Williams in 30 years.

Rob Ford

rob ford toronto mayor worst dressed politicians

The late Mayor of Toronto was easily the most oddly, entertaining figure in politics. Nobody was like him before he existed, and nobody will be like him for another century or two. Rob Ford was so eccentric he makes President Trump look introverted.

Charlie Rangel

charlie Rangel worst dressed politicians

And then there’s Charlie Rangel. The elderly New York City politician isn’t a particularly bad dresser, he just prefers to wear many unorthodox ties. He retired in 2017 following a 45 year career as a U.S. Representative, meaning that from now on we’ll have to solemnly reflect on his wardrobe choices.

Cyprian Awiti

worst dressed politicians

This Kenyan governor is quite the dresser. Cyprian Awiti has a habit of wearing clothes that don’t necessarily fit, but he also doesn’t seem to care.

Politicians aren’t known for their expert fashion sense. They merely survive in spite of it.