Kate Middleton Had The Fewest Royal Engagements in 2016, Should We Care?


The subject of every English tabloid on nearly a daily basis, Kate Middleton is now under scrutiny for a fairly legitimate reason. 2016 was her least active year in terms of royal participation. The Duchess of Cambridge is now being labeled as one of the laziest royals in recent memory.

The 34-year old worked a whopping 68 days of 2016. That’s slightly more than 3 months of 5 day work weeks. Granted, she has two young children at home, but being a royal comes with a slew of responsibilities—many of which Middleton has neglected to perform. Plus, she supposedly sends her kids to daycare which would give her the rest of the day to… you know, work.

On St. Patrick’s Day, Kate and William broke with tradition by not presenting shamrocks to the Irish Guard as was the 115-year-old tradition. Another neglected armed forces event was the Memorial Day remembrance that neither Prince William or Prince Harry decided to show up to, even though they are both in the armed forces.

With two ailing grandparents in 95-year old Prince Philip and 90-year old Queen Elizabeth, the time is now for the next generation to rise up and take some royal initiative. By the way, Prince Philip conducted twice as many engagements as Kate Middleton in 2016. He might be 60 years older, but he has the energy of a young lad. In comparison to Kate’s 68 days of royal service, Philip worked on 110 days. In case you’re wondering, his grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry conducted 80 and 86 days of work each. That’s more than Kate but far less than grandpa.


Prince Philip’s daughter Princess Anne led the way with 179 appearances. She’s in her sixties, but not slowing down a bit either. Meanwhile, Prince Harry was the international traveler of the group, logging over 60,000 air miles. That said, he is also the youngest and most unattached member of royalty. #gingerparty

In fairness to Kate and William, they receive a disproportionately large amount of the media’s attention, something they can’t seem to ever escape. After the years leading up to their larger-than-now royal wedding in 2011, the couple probably wants some time out of the limelight. It’s simply too soon to cast them with royal shame.

As their children grow older and require less round the clock attention, they should resume touring the world and embodying the British monarchy in a positive way. They can look no further than their grandparents for inspiration.