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Milo Yiannopoulos To Publish A Book


Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart editor and celebrity conservative efant terrible, has signed a book deal with an imprint of Simon & Schuster. Unsurprisingly, people are upset.

Milo’s book will be titled Dangerous, a reference, certainly, to his “Dangerous Faggot” speaking tour that has helped propel him to a position as one of the right’s most powerful culture warriors. He is allegedly getting a $250,000 advance for the book, which will likely become a bestseller.

The publisher said in a recent statement, “Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, will publish Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos on March 14, 2017. Dangerous will be a book on free speech by the outspoken and controversial gay British writer and editor at Breitbart News who describes himself as ‘the most fabulous supervillain on the internet’.”

The accusations of Milo being “a troll” are so frequent that it’s become a mantra. Considering his body of work, it’s an easy (and somewhat cheap) conclusion to reach. He was famously banned from Twitter for making a joke at the expense of Leslie Jones, a star of the Ghostbusters reboot. He was accused of inciting hate speech against her, but disavows the claim, saying that while his followers did speak hatefully to her, he is not responsible for their actions.

Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times

“They said banning me from Twitter would finish me off. Just as I predicted, the opposite has happened,” said Milo in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“I met with top execs at Simon & Schuster earlier in the year and spent half an hour trying to shock them with lewd jokes and outrageous opinions. I thought they were going to have me escorted from the building — but instead they offered me a wheelbarrow full of money.”

In a vacuum-sealed environment where airing any opinion that can be interpreted as contrary to the liberal consensus can result in the termination of one’s professional life and good public standing, it’s no surprise that many people would consider someone like Milo a champion.

Milo’s is a handful of voices from the right that are capturing the attention and sympathy of a growing number of people who feel bullied by the left’s speech regulations. And of that clique, he is very likely the one with the broadest audience and the most influence. The left’s response has been to label him a fascist, and then scratch their heads when his droves of admirers just cheer him louder.

As the conservative establishment drifts ever farther into cultural irrelevance, people like Milo grow more powerful. And so far, the left appears to be losing ground to them.