Obama Named Man Most Admired By Americans, Again


The most recent annual Gallup list of the men Americans most admire revealed the unsurprising result that Obama is generally more admired than Donald Trump. Gallup also named Hillary Clinton the most admired woman in America for the fifteenth consecutive year.

Gallup ran a poll asking American citizens to name the man they most admire – not just domestically, but abroad as well – and a full 22% chose president Barack Obama as their top pick. Donald Trump came up second, carrying 15% of the votes.

By Gallup’s own accounting, sitting presidents usually take the top spot in this poll. Obama was the exception to that rule when they ran the poll in 2008, before Obama took office. He beat out then-sitting president George W. Bush for the coveted title of most admired man. Subsequently, Obama won first place every single year.

Interestingly, this time around, Democrats were more likely to name Barack Obama than Republicans were to name Donald Trump. Not that much of a surprise, considering how divisive Trump was within the conservative establishment.


Pope Francis took third place and Bernie Sanders took fourth. Sanders was followed by Reverend Billy Graham, with Bill Clinton in sixth and Benjamin Netanyahu in seventh. The Dalai Lama, Bill gates and Mike Pence finished out the top ten. A diverse list indeed.

When asked to name their most admired woman, 12% of respondents named Hillary Clinton. She won the top spot, and it was the twenty-first time she had done so. She still holds the record for most times voted woman most admired by Americans in Gallup history. Michelle Obama followed at 8%.

The list also included Angela Merkel, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Queen Elizabeth, Malala Yousafzai, Condoleeza Rice, Elizabeth Warren and Sarah Palin.

Despite Trump’s somewhat milquetoast reception among conservatives at large, and Clinton’s continuing popularity, she was not able to carry the general election. Much ink has been spilled in speculation of why the election had the result that it did.

It will be interesting to see what the Gallup poll results are in the coming years. Considering the fact that Clinton is likely to retreat from public life, or certainly public life in any kind of official government role, her record might be up for grabs. And we’ll see if the “sitting president” precedent continues to hold true for president Donald Trump. Looking at how controversial his presidency has already been even before being sworn into office, it seems plausible that his approval ratings might be low.