Pranked! Barry Switzer Got The Media With His Own ‘Fake News’


The term “fake news” has become an enigma ever since November 8th. It’s largely been used as a justification for the reason why Trump won the White House, and has led many digital outlets to start self-censoring their posts. Former Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys football coach Barry Switzer, understands this full well, and last week he showed up at Trump Tower for a “meeting” with the President-Elect.

Switzer just happened to be in New York on vacation. As he and his family were passing by Trump Tower, they encouraged him to walk inside and prank the media.


In reality, all Switzer did was walk into the building, go upstairs, buy a coffee, and come back down, but the media took the bait and assumed he was there for a place in Trump’s cabinet. Coach played right along:

“I told reporters I had a great visit, and that we were going to make the wishbone great again… I told them I was going to be Secretary of Offense and that Trump knew how to run the ball down the field. Then I went back to my hotel and laughed my ass off.”

Really? The media didn’t pick up on the whole “Secretary of Offense” line? Oy vey. This explains why only 6% of Americans trust today’s media.

These were the Google search results immediately after the event.


Barry added fuel to the speculative fire by posting this to his Twitter account:

In fairness to the media, Switzer’s story wouldn’t be completely out of the realm of possibility. He has been a friend of the President-Elect’s for years and has previously met with him in his office—according to Trump. It’s also true that Trump has met with multiple sports figures over the past several weeks, including Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown. Trump has also appointed people involved in the sports world, like Chicago Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts and Florida Panthers owner Vincent Viola, to positions in his administration.

Switzer, age 79, has been retired for many years. There’s no way he would drop his life of leisure to suddenly get involved in politics. But of course, the media obfuscates this fact to run with the headline, “Switzer Tapped For Secretary of Offense.” It’d be truly hilarious if it wasn’t so ridiculous.

Since we now live in a trolling society the burden is placed squarely on you, the reader, to determine what is authentic from what is fake. It’s not always easy, but the basic rule of thumb is to double, triple, and quadruple check your sources. Remaining skeptical of all things you read or hear is crucial now more than ever.