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President Trump’s Vatican Photo Brings To Mind Other Bizarre Political Pics


While visiting Pope Francis in Vatican City, the president, his daughter, and the First Lady posed for one of the more bizarre photos ever seen in modern politics. Immediately the meme world went nuts, comparing this moment to a scene out of The Conjuring. But it brought to mind other strange political photo-ops from years past, which we’re here to explore today.

W Gets Surrounded

Awkward moments characterized the Bush administration, but this photo is one of the more inexplicable. He looks perturbed, and rightfully so. It’s hard to tell which guy he should be more afraid of.

Rob Ford’s “Drunken Stupors”

The free-wheeling, crack smoking Mayor of Toronto was famous for wandering about and doing regrettable things. Sadly, Rob Ford passed away in 2016 after a long battle with cancer. His legend will never die, thanks in part to YouTube, and photos like these.

Biden and the Bikers

Former Vice President Joe Biden had a habit of getting handsy with people. Although this photo is mostly just hilarious, it would be a lot scarier if that was your wife or mother.

The McCain Reach

This photo has taken on new life since internet memes became a thing. In some photoshopped creations you can find Senator McCain holding a lightsaber at then-Senator Obama, or even using the force on him. Internet meme-ers love Star Wars apparently.

Take a Knee

Let’s preface this by saying that I’m not fully aware of Nigerian culture. Maybe going on one’s knees is perfectly normal. It just looks a tad strange on a campaign poster.

The King of Rock N’ Roll Meets The King of Watergate

Um, well, this photo pretty much speaks for itself. There has since been a movie about this bizarre encounter between Elvis Presley and then-President Richard Nixon. Allegedly, Elvis just happened to drive up to the White House that day and asked to come in. Can you imagine if someone tried this today? They’d be detained and questioned for at least a week.

Trump and the Glowing Orb

Meant to symbolize global unity, this photo-op ended up making the rounds for other reasons. Mainly, it’s just plain weird. I can imagine this happening on an episode of Veep, where Selina Meyer’s team later realizes that they shouldn’t have let her take this picture. Unfortunately, this isn’t fiction. It’s real life.

What are your favorite awkward, frightening, or otherwise bizarre political photos?