Santa Gets Pulled Over After Neighbors Complain


Ever seen Santa get pulled over before? This happened in Virginia Beach, Virginia last Saturday night. A fire truck carrying jolly old Saint Nick was stopped by police after neighbors complained that the siren was too loud.

Santa’s truck is a retired vehicle, now privately-owned. It seemed like an appropriate color for Santa, plus it would suit children well since all children love fire trucks. Drive Jasen White immediately informed the officer what they were doing, in case it wasn’t obvious enough, “The whole purpose of what we were doing was just to make the kids smile. It wasn’t meant to disturb anybody.” Seems logical enough.

White claimed the driving Santa around event had been planned for months. An ad had been placed in the Chimney Hill Community Association, telling people about the event.

The reason for the siren was to get the children to notice them. Otherwise, White said that children didn’t know Santa was coming. The cold weather would have kept many interested kids and their families stuck indoors. Of course, as soon as they were ordered to shut it off, this is exactly the scenario that transpired. Children were escorted back indoors into the warmth, and could no longer bask in the spectacle of Santa atop a fire truck.

Many people were in line to let their kids see Santa, when the event was promptly stopped. One was Richelle Jones, who told a local television station, “It’s absolutely ridiculous. There are so many children in this neighborhood.”

It only takes one disgruntled neighbor to ruin a good time, even during a cheery “Neighborhood Santa” event.

Thankfully, other youngsters were able to see a Santa on a fire truck this year.

At least those who missed seeing Santa in person can track his flight on Google. Santa Tracker is back! The Google feature will allow you to monitor Santa’s every move as he traverses the globe on Christmas Eve night and the wee hours of Christmas morning. It’s certainly a far cry from years ago when the only clue we’d have about Santa’s visit was the partially eaten cookies and half empty glass of milk. Children today probably analyze their iPads all evening in anticipation of his arrival.

It’s times like these when a gadget-free household is a good thing for parents. No need to let their kids discover the truth about Santa. Not that Santa isn’t real or anything. He is, right?