Turkish Airlines Sponsors the Super Bowl Pregame Show and People Freak Out


Apparently social media users have a valued opinion in the advertising decisions of television networks. Or at least they think they do. During the Fox Super Bowl pregame show, viewers took to Twitter to express their ardent distaste over the program being sponsored by Turkish Airlines.

What’s the issue here, it’s just an airline, right?

The issue stems from the fact that Turkey is a major air carrier in the Middle East. You know, that region that has a temporary travel ban to seven countries? People are mad that Fox would include such a sponsor in light of the moratorium, especially when there are a bazillion other choices for sponsors.

Here’s the thing to keep in mind. Fox is a private company. In being a private company, they are entitled to give away sponsorship to the highest bidder. The price to sponsor the Super Bowl pregame show is upwards of $10 million. Turkish Airlines was willing to pay this price, and ta da! What do you know? They landed it! That’s how capitalism works.

Now, can one make the argument that it’s bad optics? Sure, why not? In a year when people have to extrapolate a political meaning from literally everything, it only makes sense that viewers would read too much into Super Bowl sponsorship decisions. And by the way, Turkey is not one of the seven countries under the ban.

So while one side of the aisle was complaining about Turkish Airlines in reference to the ban, the other side was peeved that Fox didn’t anoint an American air carrier as its sponsor.

Once again, let’s review economics here. Fox’s Super Bowl pregame show is in high demand for sponsors. They can pretty much name their price and it will be matched. What does Turkish Airlines do? They match it, and get the rights. Mystery solved.

I’m surprised that nobody complained about Pepsi sponsoring the halftime show—being that they are a soda brand—or the hundreds of beer commercials that could lead consumers towards a DUI arrest. The bottom line is if you really want to find outrage you can find outrage. The question is, why? Do yourself a favor and try this…

For one week, log off from ALL of your social media accounts. Yes, sorry it’s going to be painful at first, but once the withdrawals pass you will feel a million times better. How about instead of complaining about everything to strangers online, we enjoy the company of non-strangers in real life?