What Are The World’s Most Prompt Airlines And Airports? Find Out


Traveling by air can be stressful and unpredictable. We don’t know whether our flight will depart or arrive on-time, airport security could take hours, and customs is another nightmare. But here are the best airlines and airports for those who prefer reliability.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport


It’s not the first airport to come to mind, but Detroit Metropolitan is actually one of the most punctual in America. The facility boasted an 84.64% success rate of on-time flights in 2016.

Tokyo Haneda Airport


If deciding whether to fly into Tokyo Narita versus Tokyo Haneda, you might prefer Haneda. They have an average of 87.49% flights leaving within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.

Honolulu International Airport


The Hawaiian paradise is not on island time when it comes to getting off flights. They work lightening fast to send vacationers to and from Honolulu Airport, at a rate of 87.53% success.

Brisbane Airport


Sydney and Melbourne are not Australia’s most on-time airports. That title goes to the northern city of Brisbane. It’s punctuality rating is upwards of 86.71%.



As far as airlines are concerned, Dutch carrier KLM is one of the most efficient. From 2015 to 2016 they jumped up the rankings from 12th to 3rd place.



The best airline in Asia-Pacific is Qantas, at least in terms of punctuality. The Aussie carrier has 87.56% of flights arriving or departing on time.

Copa Airlines

Based in Panama, Copa Airlines ranks second in the world for airline punctuality. 88.75% of flight take off nearly on schedule.

Hawaiian Airlines


Leading the world in on time departures and arrivals, Hawaiian Airlines is setting the gold standard for air travel. Although they pretty much only fly to the islands, they do it better than any other carrier.

Birmingham, U.K. Airport


91.28% of flights depart Birmingham airport on-time! That’s pretty extraordinary when you think about it. And Birmingham isn’t a tiny airport—they have nonstop flights to far away destinations like Dubai.

Anchorage Airport


Despite some of the most tumultuous weather on the planet, Anchorage airport is extremely efficient. 89.52% of flights leave the Alaskan hub on-time.

Other airports that top the list each year include Atlanta, Singapore Changi, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Perth, Cairns, Brussels South Charleroi, Athens, and Portland. Many factors play into the success of some airports over others, but it appears that traffic volume isn’t necessarily one of them. This is clear in the success of several large U.S. airports. Per usual, everything in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles is utterly inefficient.